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Facebook’s Adam Mosseri to lead Instagram: Employees find him an acceptable choice

On September 25, 2018, when the co-founders of Instagram Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom had announced their departures suddenly from the company, the employees were shocked and uncertain regarding the future of Instagram. The employees were unsure who to ask about the projects that were working on currently as Krieger and Systrom were the ones who were managing them even after selling it for $1 billion to Facebook in 2012. Therefore, the employees vented out their frustrations on Workplace, which is the internal network of Facebook.

A former employee who had left the company in 2019 had said that the mood around the company’s office is very disheartening. Although a week after that the team got some clarity when Facebook’s veteran of 10 years Adam Mosseri was promoted to head Instagram. For the employees of Instagram Mosseri, who is a product designer, was an acceptable choice. He joined Instagram five months back, after managing NewsFeed, the place where users of Facebook go for checking the updates of their friends.

At 36, Mosseri has the most challenging work at Facebook, which is running the unit that has a billion users every month and that is valued more than $100bn, which is Facebook’s one-fifth of market capital. Instagram has become very popular among teenagers whose interest in Facebook has declined significantly. As per a study the previous year, most of them aren’t even aware that Instagram is owned by Facebook.

As the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is turning for growth to Instagram, Mosseri has a tough job of appeasing the employees who would like to keep the site’s independence from the popular Facebook. A former director of Facebook Eric Meyerson said that Facebook is expecting good amount of revenue from Instagram and figuring out the way to monetize the site without affecting the experience of users negatively or disintegrating the community is a tough business challenge.

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