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Ad-Blocking In Google Chrome To Soon Become An Enterprise Feature Only

Back in January this year, Google announced the Manifest V3, a change to Google Chrome’s existing extensions system that would restrict the blocking capabilities of WebRequest API to enterprise customers only. Simply put, the new changes will restrict users from blocking any ads before even downloading it. However, paid enterprise users of Chrome will still be able to do it.

Months after announcing the proposal of Manifest V3, Google had to step up and take a stand for its change that received some severe backlash from the user community. Most of the modern ad blockers use the webRequest API block the ads even before they get loaded. With Manifest V3, this will come to a halt, restricting ad blockers from using Chrome’s webRequest API. Google however stated that the webRequest API would still be open to the paid enterprise users of Chrome. The regular users will now have to rely on declarative NetRequest, a less-effective, more rule-based system. Google has been criticized by the developer community for limiting users’ preference of what they see on the internet. The ad blocking move has been cited as revenue-driven strategy from Google. However, in another statement, a Google Spokesperson stated that Manifest V3 is yet to enter the confirmation stage and they are still trying to improve on it. He also stated that they do support ad blockers and are working on a way to develop a more “privacy-preserving content filtering system”.

That was not all! In another update to their ad policy, Google is set to stop showing up text-only AdSense ads. This has been promoted as a move to modernize Google’s way of presenting the advertisements. Not just that, a lot many changes too have been made, which will come into effect from the next few weeks. Most of the changes are associated with customization of the ad unit.

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