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Exercise, A Likely Antidote To Relieve Autism Characteristics In Mice

Exercise has come up as an effective way to change the brain in such a way that it can reduce the symptoms of autism in mice. In Japan, the scientists at University of Tokyo bred mice to model for ASD, Autism spectrum Disorder and found that exercise promoted the removal of several connections in the brain thereby minimizing the characteristics of autism.

According to analysis done over their work, they explained how they shown that running voluntary wheel improves abnormalities in anxiety and repetitiveness inside brain of ASD mice.

These findings put weight to idea that there is a possibility of reversing some ASD behavioral characteristics.        Senior researcher and associate professor of GSPS at University of Tokyo, Ryuta Koyama pointed out that the mice was not forced for exercising; it was done voluntarily and this is the major highlight of the study.

Researchers didn’t explore different kinds of exercise and they are also not suggesting people that they should start exercising to cure ASD. Koyama said that if children have interest then they can be encouraged for doing any exercise they like, but it is not revealed by this research how variable activities put affect on children’s brains having ASD.

ASD has a wide range of subtypes which share few similar features to different degrees. These features are difficulties with non-verbal and verbal communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior.

Two individuals having autism spectrum will not have same degree or combination of symptoms. Each individual will possess an unique collection of strengths and challenges. Some people having ASD need help in daily life while some live independently. According to CDC, in United States, at least one child in every 59 children has ASD, and according to this estimation boys are four times greater than girls for having ASD. Numerous connections in the nerve cells in brain are the main cause of ASD. During childhood, brain naturally does the removal of excess connections from neurons. However, brains of children having ASD do not work in such a manner.

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