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Tomato Juice May Promote Heart Health But More Analysis Required

Recently, a team of researchers has provided results regarding effect of tomato juice on cardiovascular health of a person. In the report researchers have stated that a single cup of tomato juice on a daily basis is enough to decrease the blood pressure and levels of cholesterol. According to a recent report, many residents of US get succumbed to cardiovascular diseases.

In the report, researchers have written that tomato juice contains various bioactive components viz. vitamin A, calcium, carotenoid and gamma-aminobutyric acid. Researchers said that these components basically maintain physical as well as psychological health of the people.

Atherosclerosis is considered as a prime factor which leads to cardio vascular ailments in human beings. In this arterial plaque causes restriction in proper blood flow, Atherosclerosis basically results when endothelium gets damaged. There are many causes for rupture of endothelium viz. diabetes, high blood cholesterol and excessive blood pressure.

A study undertaken in 2015 stated that consuming tomato juice with low salt content for about 8 weeks can decrease blood triglyceride levels. Researchers also stated that the present study is one of its kinds as it has provided a direct link between consumption of tomato juice and alleviation in cardio vascular ailments.

During the experiment scientists acquired 184 males and 297 females. For 1 year participants were given 1 cup of tomato juice on a daily basis. After the completion of experiment time, researchers checked the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. As per the result more than 90 people, who were suffering from hypertension showcased low blood pressure levels.

Moreover, scientists also checked for glucose and triglycerides level in the blood of patients but found no significant changes. The study conducted by researchers has a few limitations as the group of participants was too small. Moreover, researchers only conducted the tests on residents of Japan, thus there is a possibility that rest of the global population may not be able to get similar benefits.

Janessa Estrada
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